Thursday, March 20, 2008


So I was incredibly bored today, the laundry was all done , dinner was made and nothing much on the television except Judge Judy and Basketball. (Now if Judge Judy was playing basketball we’d have a different story.

We went to dinner at our good friends Tony and Maria (inventors of the 20 minute sauce), and Tony made some Kalamata olive bread to go along with the Pasta Fagioli he made for dinner.

Well since I had some time on my hands (the cornbread people will be calling tomorrow), I decided to remake the daring baker challenge French Bread and take a cue from Tony and put some olives in it. I used regular pitted black olives cause I didn’t have any Kalamata Olives and I would definitely suggest using them next time. The Kalamata Olives are really much better and there flavor is much nicer in this bread.

If you want to make it just follow the French Bread recipe and mix in a couple cups of olives into the dough for the final rising. Then I would suggest putting the butter in a really high place so you have to work to get to it or you’ll end up big as a house.
What kind of hair style do you wear with a cast iron tiara? Any suggestions?