Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What a week I'm havin'

Whew! This has been one busy week. After my husband's b-day and the superbowl, my mother in-law had a wreck and totaled her car. She tried to make a left u-turn from the right lane!!! O.M.G--- Luckily she is alright. It really sounds worse than it was. I think they totaled her car because it was so old.

The other car hit her smack in the rear driver's side tire. Bent it inward so the car couldn't be driven away. We had her take a defensive driving course for seniors and they said they thought she was fine to drive. So the past few days have been spent looking for and purchasing a car for her. This one has side air bags. We don't want to take any chances.

On the lighter side I won my first contest this week!!! Yay for me!!!

It is the Bay's English Muffin Contest. The theme was "Let the good times roll", for Mardi Gras. My entry was the Mufaletta Muffin Salad. As soon as I can get a good picture I'll post it. Should be sometime in the next few days since things have calmed down a little bit.

The prize is really cool. $500 shopping spree at Williams and Sonoma. I've already started making my list and let me tell you--$500 dollars can go pretty quick.

I am just finishing up some recipes to enter in the National Cornbread Festival. I'm visualizing myself accepting the first prize and being crowned with the cast iron tiara. We are having a great time and my husband is very proud.

I'll let you know what happens!!


Jenny said...

What great news Birdie!!

That is a great contest to win, that was one of my very first wins too! I am so excited for you, have so much fun shopping at William Sonoma!! Very cool!