Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Potato Crisp Chicken Tenders

When our local Grocery Store has boneless skinless chicken breasts on sale for 1.79 lb. I always stock up. Sometimes I think I buy to much but the price is so cheap that I just can't resist. I package them up into smaller portions, freeze them and always have chicken in the freezer.

This week I had a major craving for fried chicken. I've tried making oven fried chicken as a healthier alternative but every one knows fried chicken just isn't fried chicken if it doesn't have that great crispy skin.

Thanks to my friends Tony and Maria for this great recipe that will satisfy any fried chicken craving. The potato buds that they use in the crust is really crispy and I used olive oil to fry it in so it is a least fried in a good for you fat.

It's not as healthy as oven fried chicken, but really do we have to be healthy all the time?

Potato Crisp Chicken Tenders
TFC (Tony's Fried Chicken)
4 boneless skinless chicken breasts
2 cups flour
2 cups Betty Crocker Potato Buds
1/2 tablespoon salt
1/2 tablespoon fresh ground black pepper
3 tablespoons hot paprika
Olive oil for frying
Kosher Salt

Slice chicken breasts into strips, set aside

In a large bowl mix together all dry ingriedients. Remove half of the mixture to a large plastic bag.

Stir water into the bowl, a little at a time, until it has the consistency of thin oatmeal.

Dip the chicken strips into the wet mixture one at a time, add to the bag of dry mix and shake to coat. Place in a single layer onto a clean plate and repeat the process until all chicken pieces are coated. Refrigerate for 1 hour.

Pour olive oil into a large heavy frying pan to a depth of 1/2 inch. Heat to 365 degrees. Fry the chicken in batches 5 to 6 minutes or until golden brown. Remove to paper towels to drain and season with kosher salt.

Serve hot with a honey mustard dipping sauce if desired.


Allie said...

You must be reading my mind I've been so hungry for fried chicken. I haven't had it using the potato buds, but sounds like a great twist.

Lisa said...

This looks great! Sometimes you just have to splurge but olive oile is good for you, right?

Chocolate Shavings said...

That looks delicious - very little is better than fried chicken!

Anonymous said...

Looks so good!

Prudy said...

What a great idea to use potato buds!

NatNibbles said...

What a great idea....and they look delicious!

Mary said...

These look really good. Potato buds crust is a great idea.

Veronica said... the idea of potato buds as a crust! Fried chicken is something I never seem to make-it looks so good, I probably should.

Anonymous said...

Boneless, skinless for $1.79 a pound? I'd stock up on them, too. The cheapest I can get them for here is $1.88/lb.

These look really crispy. I love the potato flake idea. Chicken strips are one of my favorite foods.

The Inexperienced Foodie said...

ohhh i have to try those anything that makes chicken chrispier is ok with me

Sophie said...

Those look perfectly crispy and delicious :).